Sunday, September 29, 2013

Bittersweet Season

Autumn is upon us now, a time of year when Mother Nature treats those of us in the North with spectacular color displays in the trees and gardens. It is wonderful, but it soon leads to the fall of all the leaves for the winter. Just when my garden is at its best, my petunias are flourishing their pretty little faces, my exuberant sweet potato vines are at their fluffiest, and my geraniums are fabulous, old Jack Frost will hit Michigan with a vengeance. This year I have made the executive decision to move things around in my studio and bring my shelves inside off the back deck along with my plants. 

Our Pallete Planter

I plan to transplant most of the plants out of my vertical pallete planter into the great pots I bought from Ikea and bring them in as well placing them on the cute Ikea polka dotted trays. I also have a ladder back chair planter on my front porch which I will bring in from the cold. I don't know how many of my little plant children will make it through the winter, my dear folks, but they will have a fighting chance (if I remember to water them).Love you, Anne.
Ikea Pots and Trays