Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Beautiful Things Recycled

 I can't believe I didn't mention my obsession with recycling throwaways into beautiful, useful things when I  described my palette planter and my ladder back chair planter. Bill and I retrieved the palette from a dumpster after I saw the gorgeous ideas for using them a recyling website. The chair was lurking in our garage not being used before I got a tip from a cashier at Home Depot about how she had made a planter from a ladder back chair. Now I am constantly on the prowl for things to put plants into. My grandmother was an incredible gardener. She could make anything bloom. I inherited her love for plants, but unfortunately I didn't get her knack. I mainly forget to water them.  We used to have a chain of greenhouses in Michigan called Franks Nursery. When I bought plants there, the cashiers would give them the last rites, because they were goin to my house to die. I am trying though to get better. Bill and I joined Techshop a couple of months ago, and we are learning how to design things using 3D Printers. I think perhaps that I need to design a self-watering device for my plants. My daughter has a self-feeder for her cat so she can leave the cat alone overnight, so I need the same ability for my plants. So getting back to my thread about using castaways for planters and other uses, let me know if you have any ideas. Talk to you soon, my darlings. Love you, Anne

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