Sunday, October 13, 2013

Little Darlings

I am going to paint these little darlings. They are my grandchildren. From left to right is Wesley , 7, Henry, 18 months, Aemelia, 10, and Liam, 4. Wesley and Aemelia are my daughter Katy and her husband John Kott's, and Henry and Liam are my son, Matthew and his wife Janna's. I am not really good at painting people, but you know what? I am going to do this!!!!!!!!
I may have to use some of the tricks I learned in the awesome book, "Drawing On the Right Side of the Brain". One of them is to turn the canvas and the photo you are using upside down, if you are working from photographs. It isn't quite as easy to do that if you are painting live models! After a few minutes, the blood rushes to their heads, they turn really red in the face, and small children start crying, which really messes up the painting. Also their hair js all in their faces so you can't really see them very well. I don't recommend that method with live models. I may have to break down and use oils. I love oils very much, but they aren't as user friendly in terms of cleanup, etc. The awesome love seat the little treasures are sitting on is a gift from Bill's sister, Marge. That is Hines Park behind the kids. Please stay tuned to see my progress on this project!

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