Sunday, October 6, 2013

Ladder-back Chair Planter

I am still bracing myself for the winter here in Michigan. My husband, Bill and I had to go out of state for employment for 4 years beginning in 2008. We spent the first 3 years in Phoenix, Arizona where it rarely got below 40 degrees in the winter and got up to over 115 degrees in summer. The only snow we saw was far away on the mountain tops. We liked it there a lot, but we missed our kids too much to stay. Our next year was in Newport News,  Virginia, close to the Atlantic Ocean, which makes the climate quite moderate (if you don't count the hurricanes). We got hardly any snow there. It was so great living there because our son, Matthew lives in Virginia wiith his family.  Then at the end  of 2011 my contract in CAD Design ended at the Newport News Shipbuilders, and we moved back to Michigan. Our daughter, Katy and her family live here. So back to my statement about bracing for the winter. I created a planter in a ladder-back chair last Spring, and it is thriving, so I am going to bring it in for the Winter. It may not do well, I am not the best gardener, but I really do try. We'll see, my lovely friends, we'll see. I will keep you informed. Meanwhile, the leaves are changing here, and it is beautiful! Love you, Anne.

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